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At 2 and Half Mechanics, we are extremely proud of the relationships we maintain and nurture with our loyal customers through consistent, caring service and open communication.
Fahad I have known Salim for now more than 5 years and he is the only mechanic i have always taken my car to since i moved to Ottawa. The reason being when the car is with him i am worry free and i know he would fix all the issues even the one's i don't know about. He provides satisfactory service in a professional manner at a very reasonable price. I always refer my friends/family to him. Keep up the good work Salim!
Al Wilkinson I had a trusty, honest mechanic in Peterborough for 35 years. When I came here a year ago, I searched high and low for the same thing until I stumbled on Salim through an ad he had placed on Kiji. I will stick with Sal for 35 years too, though I'll be about 107 years old and probably not driving too much..let's hope.
R. Cantin I am very impressed with the service I received from Salim. Very honest, fast, and efficient. He took the time to ensure that I was well informed and was very friendly. Good prices also. I would not hestate to recommend 2 and Half Mechanics!!
Ian T. I had a weird problem in my 2007 Pontiac Montana mini van which I bought second hand for a very good price. The car was super clean and was running very smooth, and it passed all the safety and emission tests with flying colors, but for some strange reason it was consuming an excessive amount of gas. I was only able to get about 200-250 KM tops with a full tank. The car was costing me a fortune. I had the car checked by 3 different garages, and they did all kinds of tests, but non of them had a clue about what was going on.

I was about to sell the car when my neighbor suggested going to 2 and half mechanics at Marchand st. And I decided to give the gas-beast a last chance. To my amazement, the mechanic asked me few questions before he even opened the hood (How is the car running? How much mileage has it done? Do you smell gas while driving? ...etc) and then he said "I know what's wrong with your car" then he sat down and explained to my exactly what was going on, how much it would cost to fix and how long it would take.

Three hours after I was driving my Montana back home. Now the car makes between 450-520 KM with a full tank.

I bet you wana know what was wrong. Ok here it is:
Because my car had high mileage the injector's aperture were too large and was just throwing too much gas in the cylinder which was burring with no use. It just took an expert eye to spot the problem.

Salvador My 2001 Saturn have been my soul mate for the past 12 years. There is nothing special about it except that it never gave me a hard time, it was just like the loyal silent wife.

While I was changing the oil and doing the routine checkups on my Saturn, I was told that the Shift Cable Bushings needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Although the bushings are not expensive but apparently they are hard to find. I spent more than 3 weeks looking for them until I asked the guys at 2 and half mechanics.

Some how they managed to get the parts in less than 30 min and they had them installed in no time.

Thanks for healing the love of my life.

M. Johnson I was heading home one late night coming back form my sister's house in Kanata when my car started making a strange noise. I stopped at the side of the road to see what was wrong. Being a woman I did not know much about car mechanics, so I tried to re-start the car and try and reach a gas station or something, but the car did not start. I called my 14 years old son at home and asked him to find me a towing service on the internet.

5 minutes after he called me back and said those people have a towing service and their garage is near where we live.

So I gave them a call at 11:30 pm, and before mid-night my car was towed to the garage and I was given a left home.

Next morning I had a friend drive me to work. At 11:00pm I got a call from the garage manager where he explained the problem and gave me an estimation for the parts and labor.

I picked-up my car the same day on my way back from work. (very professional / very convenient).

Tarek Y. Last December I was at the ST Laurent center with my wife shopping for Christmas gifts for our friends. After we finished we went back to the car with all the stuff that we bought. But my car refused to start at all, I new I had a dead battery. I asked my wife to wait for me in the food court inside the mall while I seek help. For 15 min I was standing in the freezing cold parking lot asking people for jumper cables. (apparently no body carry those any more).

One guy pointed south-east and told me that there is a garage on the other side of the street. 10 min walk and I was at 2 and half mechanics (funny name). Any way I explained my problem to the guys, and Immediately one of them jumped into his car and said "hop-on sir, we'll go get your car".

We went together, jump-started my car, went back to the garage and the car was thoroughly checked. I had an alternator problem.

Within one hour, my car was fixed and I went back to pick-up my wife. "Christmas saved"

Hector M. Last year I bought a new car, It was my retirement gift for my self. And I wanted to sell my old 1998 Honda Civic.

Although my old car looked ok with very little rust but no body seemed to be interested in buying after they took it for a test drive. I was willing to sell it for 200$ but I couldn't.

I decide to take my friend's opinion at 2 and half mechanics garage.

The guys told me that it would cost 350$ to fix all the little troublesome parts (very reasonable price). and I decided to go for it even if the car is not sold later. I thought I can still use it or lend it to my son when he comes for a visit.

Long story short, my car had an excellent job and after the fix I was offered 950$ for it by one of my neighbors, but it was too good to sell so I kept it.


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